Experience San Antonio’s Magic: A Christmas Tour Guide

Experience San Antonio’s Magic: A Christmas Tour Guide

Want to experience a Christmas with a difference? Then join our tour to San Antonio! This city in the heart of Texas, with its rich culture, heritage, vibrant community, and festive spirit, will create a holiday experience unlike any other. Experience the magic in San Antonio with its millions of twinkling lights across the city.

authentic santa claus sitting in large green chair surrounded by presents and decorations

Experiences in San Antonio

1. The River Walk: A River of Lights

One of the most popular attractions you have to witness is the lights illuminating the River Walk. More than 100,000 lights transform this walk into a breathtaking wonderland. Admire the reflection of the dancing, colorful lights across the trees and water. Take a boat tour and hear your favorite Christmas carols everywhere around you, transporting you in the festive season.

2. A Wonderland of Entertainment

Visit the Bridge Caverns to hear the carols echoing throughout Texas’ largest underground Taverns. Visit Santa and Mrs. Claus, listen to her stories and join them in the 5000 square feet outdoor maze.

3. Arts Holiday Showcase

A free music concert on Houston Street will enthral you with the season’s joy. Mariachi, woodwinds, brass, string, and carolers offer a unique performance to display their talent and enchant the audience.

4. Meet Santa’s Mischievous Alter Ego or the Real Santa Claus

You can meet and take “alternative” photos with Krampus Claws and pass them on to friends and family with a Christmas message. Or visit the Merry Creepmas Haunted Dollhouse, celebrate the holidays with a creepy twist, and support the museum. If you prefer meeting the big guy in red, go to Pearl, let the little ones share their wish lists and make forever memories.     

San Antonio, Texas, United States of America - 2022.12: Mi Tierra Cafe and Bakery in Historic Market Square

5. Time Honored Customs: Las Posadas

Las Posadas: the inns or the lodgings – a Mexican tradition that celebrates the biblical tale of Mary and Joseph seeking lodging in Bethlehem on their way to Nazareth. Join in on this time of devotion spanning over nine nights from 16 to 24 December. Sing the traditional Los Posasa song and traditional carols, Christmas music and eat sweets and traditional food. It is a true celebration of Christmas, with lanterns symbolizing the guiding light of Christ. To better understand the spirit of celebrating the holidays, include a visit to the San Antonio Mission,  a UNESCO World Heritage site.

6. Festive Flavors: San Antonio – a Creative City of Gastronomy

In 2017, San Antonio was designated as a Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO, meaning you have to indulge in the culinary delights that tantalize the taste buds. Find a restaurant of your choice, blending Mexican flavors and American cuisine. Seasonal treats are available, and you can savor the traditional dishes. Many restaurants and options for street food are available to join in celebrating the holidays.

7. Unique Gifts and Treasures

An assortment of gifts and treasures are available throughout San Antonio during the festive season. The San Antonio Christmas Showcase is Texas’ premier shopping event! Join a workshop, wander around searching for the perfect gift, or spoil yourself with a unique souvenir to remember this memorable Christmas trip. Shopping in San Antonio is a true delight in indoor or outdoor malls filled with hidden gems and unique things to buy.

The holiday season celebrations in San Antonio offer families a time to come together and create cherished memories. Embrace the spirit of Christmas with fun-filled activities, delectable treats, exciting places to visit, shopping, and special celebrations enriching your soul during this particular time.

RGV Tours can arrange this memorable trip for you. They take care of all the details – even transport there, so you can sit back and enjoy the magic of San Antonio!

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